About the Association

The Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association (ECBEA) is comprised of volunteers dedicated to the widely acclaimed Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Program offered by Edmonton Public Schools. Members of the ECBEA comprise all parents who have children registered in the Chinese Bilingual / Chinese Language Arts continuum.

The purpose of the ECBEA is to:

  • promote the learning and understanding of Chinese language and culture
  • assist in establishing new programs and expansion of the English-Chinese Bilingual / Chinese Language Arts continuum of studies
  • coordinate student recruitment campaigns
  • serve as a collective voice on behalf of parent members
  • liaison with Edmonton Public Schools on all matters pertaining to Chinese bilingual education
  • promote Chinese language education through public media
  • provide volunteer support where required.

The ECBEA’s goal is to enrich the lifestyle of Canadian families by promoting choice of their children’s language acquisition and opportunities to learn Chinese as an international language.

The ECBEA explores opportunities to introduce the colorful Chinese language, history and culture to broaden community relationships with like-minded organizations. It is committed to equal opportunity, diversity, professional development and service to the community.

Our motto is “Understanding Through Education”

The Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association (ECBEA) is registered under the Societies Act of Alberta. It is also registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization.