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The English-Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Program provides the opportunity for any students within the Edmonton Public School system to learn both the English and Chinese languages and to share knowledge of the Chinese culture within the context of the Alberta curriculum.

This trending program is unique in North America, both because it is a complete continuum of studies from kindergarten to high school graduation, and it is accomplished all during regular school hours.

Edmonton’s Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Program was piloted by the Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association in 1982-1983. The Chinese Bilingual Program has since been described as “the best Chinese language program outside of China” and “is respected internationally and Edmonton students’ success at the recent language and culture competition demonstrates the quality of education here.” “Edmonton is one of a few ‘pockets of excellence’ in Canada for the understanding of Asia.

Up to the Challenge?

  • Dynamic language program with 35 years of proven results
    • Enriching students from kindergarten through to university
  • Master two of the world’s most important languages:
    • English spoken over the largest geographical area
    • Mandarin spoken by the largest number of people across the globe
  • Developed by Edmonton Public Schools
    • Learn Chinese during regular school hours
    • Course continuity through junior high and senior high
    • Fulfills the requirements of the Alberta curriculum

Global Benefits

  • Internationally recognized program that engages your child by participating in the richness of both Eastern and Western cultures
    • Literature and art
    • Customs, festivals and heritage
  • Each Chinese bilingual school is partnered with a school in China
    • Cooperation on projects
    • Strengthening language proficiency
  • Opportunity for students to write progressive tests (YCT, HSK, IB) and obtain internationally recognized credentials in Chinese language proficiency
    • Participation in Chinese Bridge Competitions to demonstrate skills in Chinese language and understanding  of Chinese culture

Student Achievement

  • Alberta Education’s Impact of Second Language Education study shows students studying a second language:
    • Have significantly stronger first language skills including reading, vocabulary, grammar and communication
    • Score higher in reading, language and math
    • Are superior in divergent thinking tasks, memory ability and attention span
    • Display greater cultural sensitivity, key to good citizenship

A Program of Choice

  • The Chinese Bilingual program is open to all children registering at the kindergarten or Grade 1 level
    • No prior knowledge of Mandarin or other Asian language required by the children or parents
    • [To initiate program at a later grade level, an individual assessment of language skills is required]
  • Instruction Time
    • Kindergarten to Grade 6: instruction time is 50% in Mandarin and 50% in English
    • Junior high: up to 25% (250 minutes/week) Mandarin instruction
    • Senior high: up to 20% (200 minutes/week) Mandarin instruction

Learn Chinese – Success begins here

  • The ability to communicate in more than one language is a valuable asset for future career development.
  • It is the best investment you can make for your child’s future.

A testament to the success of our Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Program